Atagamaton (A-tag-a-ma-ton)

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Atagamaton is a gesture controlled kinetic sculpture and musical instrument built from repurposed analog sound and film equipment, augmented with solenoids, pot- sliders, servos, motors, LEDs, and a microcontroller. Users’ hands are tracked by an X-Box Kinect, and trigger different quantized sounds and motions. Simple positional data triggers the different segments of the kinetic sculpture, but hidden functionality can be found within the z-axis of certain segments, so that users will be rewarded for exploring the sculpture and finding the hidden functions.

Created by Scott Amos and David Parfit in collaboration with Limbic Media. Installed in the G++ Gallery, Victoria, BC. Project made possible by BC FIlm + Media  and the BC Arts Council.

Thanks to Cassie O’Neil ( for the video, and to Manj, Justin, Paul and Nat at Limbic Media for their brilliance.

2012 Victoria Film Festival Commercial

Paul Wilson and I put this together over the summer for the Victoria Film Festival. All effects were done manually. No fades, no digital tricks, no digital transitions, no editing. Shot from beginning to end in one “continuous” shot. (as “continuous” as stop-motion gets…) You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video


Umbraphone is a bank of photoresistors washed in high-intensity light that trigger sound. It’s a musical instrument that is played with shadow.

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V 1.0 was simple a midi controller, triggering a bank of sounds from Garageband. Created during MediaNet’s Video Lab program at Open Space.

V 2.0 uses Max, with the sound diffused through a 4-channel surround sound system. The sounds slowly evolve, based on the number of triggers, from large geologic happenings (explosions, wind, rain, waves) through lighter environmental sounds (insects, birds, small animals, large animals) to human voices, machinery, to a final explosion. The result is a human interpretation of the natural history of earth, played through the use of shadow. Umbraphone V2.0 was installed at the Victoria Convention Centre for TEDx Victoria.

Created by Scott Amos and David Parfit.


Phobacilloscope v2.0

An updated version of the Phobacilloscope, installed for the Off the Grid Art Crawl, with sound, and a bit of a different setup.

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Hardware/software used: Macbook Pro, digital projector, Modul8, Arduino, IR sensor.

Phobacilloscope v1.0

Phobacilloscope is a dual channel video, IR sensor microcontroller-based window installation. It asks the user to touch the window, and then scans their hand, turns on a camera and scans them for bacteria. It was was created by myself and David Parfit, and was installed at 1215 Blanshard St. for MediaNet’s Sense of Place event.

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A Sense of Place was a media-arts exhibition which took place on May 28, 2011, in a variety of locations throughout Victoria. Works by local film and video makers Janet Rogers, Grace Salez, Rick Raxlen, Scott Amos and Judith Price, incorporated talks, readings and performances, exploring cultural, historical and personal aspects of the city.

Thank you to the City of Victoria for making this exhibition possible. Thanks to Alan Walton and Giuseppe Buccoliero for documenting the work. Produced by Cat Lewis for MediaNet

Scene+Heard Scored

scene and heard scored

Once again, Puente Theatre and CineVic are putting together Scene + Heard. Come check it out this week at Metro Theatre, where films will be accompanying live storytellers. “Between,” a story by Rob Hunter with an interactive video by me, is being performed along with 5 other stories/films with new musical interludes by Oliver Swain. Fun times. Tickets $15.

Friday Feb 25, 8pm

Saturday, Feb 26th 2pm and 8pm

Sunday, Feb 27, 8pm

Kate Cino from interviewed some of us and wrote about the show on her website here. There is a pic from “Between” and a video of Ollie’s new music there. Go.


An old educational film. Damaged. Something to appease my guilt.

(I hear that the City of Victoria is dealing with the problem)

I hope.