primordial soup pt 4

Another piece of the seeming endless primordial soup reel. Very textural. The sound is a little obnoxious (I made it)


I’d love to say that this piece has some meaning, like it’s “an exploration of identity” or something…but really, I was just feeling the urge to fingerpaint. It was done with cheap oil paints in a few minutes, but took a couple months in my damp workshop to dry. For the sound, I just made wookie noises into my laptop and mixed them up a bit.


primordial soup pt 3

WARNING! – the sound is a little painful at times.

Another clip of Primordial Soup. The original runs somewhere around 20 minutes, so I’ve just been pulling out a minutes here and there for podcasts. Sitting through the 20 minute version would take some work (or a serious buzz) . A good soundtrack would help too.



Over the last few months, I had convinced myself that I was too busy with grad school to get any filmmaking done. And I believed it…until I started looking through my basement, and found all the little bits and pieces that I’d made and forgotten about. I’ll try to post them this week (a too-little-too-late attempt to catch up on the weekly? films of 2008.) Thanks to Mike Wolske for the music.

synthetic resin

This is a photogram piece, on black and white 35mm film. It was made during a workshop with Kerry Laitala during this year’s AntiMatter Film Festival, using electrical components, nuts, bolts, screws, and a mini cassette tape. The soundtrack was made on my circuit-bent Realistic keyboard.

MeatDraw – Old World

This week’s film is  the video for MeatDraw’ s “Old World.”   We shot it at the beginning of September, with the donated time and talents of dozens of people. It is  one continuous shot, and travels from earth to space and back. Quite an ambitious undertaking, and very different than the films I normally make, but I’m pleased with the results.

Daniel Lombardi, the Art Director, filmed some “behind the scenes” footage…of how we choreographed and made it all happen and the 20+ people involved in the actual shooting. I’ll try to post it soon.

CBC Radio 3  did an interview with the band (hilarious!), and premiered the video this week on the R3TV podcast.

You can find the original post here (with links to subscribe in iTunes)

or you can watch the YouTube version here:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Or just the Old World video in Quicktime format here:

Unfortunately, like most  broadcasters, they chopped the credits off the end, so here they are in text format. This video would not have happened without the help of all these people. Thanks to all of you.


Chai Ross
Apple Matthews

– Marco Bozenich
– Stefan Bozenich
– Lily Fawn
– Marek Tyler
– Megan Boddy

Director: Scott Amos
Art Director: Daniel Lombardi
DOP: Daniel Hogg
Cinematography Consultant: Cyrus Block
Gaffer: D.W. Wilson
Stage Managers:
Gillian Reiss
Sarah-Jane Pelzer

Make-up: Erin Froese


Colin Hender
Mike Wolske
Talitha Cummins
Jeremy Lutter
Jamie Tanner
Darryl Tamney
Glen O’Neill
Kelsey Oetting

Kelly Duncan
Kristen Kilistoff
Darryl Tamney

Props/Sets Construction:
Daniel Lombardi
Scott Amos
Jim Vanderhorst
Adrienne Traviss
Jesse Ladret
Brendan Piper
Colin Hender
Minako Hender
Kristen Kilistoff
Paulina Ortlieb

Craft Services:
Connie Rock

Thanks to:
Open Space – Helen Marzoff, Dallas Duobaitis, Alan Kollins, Ross Angus Macaulay
Cook Street Do-it Center. MediaNet, CineVic, Michael Lee Macdonald, Steve Hender. Empress Painting, Marci Ross, Amber Matthews and Gumper.


ahhh. scribbling. mindless and meditative doodles. pencil crayons on paper. The soundtrack was made with a circuit-bent late-80’s Realistic keyboard. I took it apart, and poked around at it a bit, wired up a few extra things, and now it makes interesting painful noises, so I recorded it, then chopped up the sounds into something a little more organized and palatable.


There’s something about duct-taping magnifying lenses to my camera that i really dig. maybe it’s the soft, dreamy edges that everything gets, maybe it’s how mysterious and different everything looks. This was a clip of colour 16mm that I slowed down, and was fortunate to have David Parfit create a great electro-acoustic soundtrack for it.


Went to Mayne Island last weekend for a wedding, and filmed some things around the island with the bolex. As luck would have it, either the bolex was empty, or had the wrong kind of film in it whenever I stumbled into something I wanted to shoot. So I used my cellphone instead. really low rez, but it worked. Mike Wolske made the music.

And in other news, we finished shooting a new MeatDraw video for their song “Old World” last weekend. I still need to do some tweaking, but it should be finished soon, and posted online. In the next couple weeks – Upcoming Screenings – “Grass” is Playing in Australia at the FLEXIFF Festival, and  “Turbulence” and “Glimpse” are playing in Seattle at the NorthWest Film Forum. “Birds” is playing at the Portobello in England. Unfortunately I can’t go to see any of them, but maybe you can.


Another installment of the film-a-week-project. Colour 16mm. Close-up lenses duct-taped to the camera. surreal textures. dreamscape.
Lots of other projects in the works, and back to UVic in a week. Seems like there aren’t enough hours. Doing a residency at CineVic right now, working on the Steenbeck to finish off a short film about D’Arcy Island sponsored by the NFB’s Filmmaker’s Assistance Program. Spent the last few days (and the next few also) gearing up for a MeatDraw video that will be shot next week. Four minutes. One continuous shot. From earth to space and back spanning over 3 days. Quite an endeavour, but fun problem-solving. We built the asteroids, clouds and stars yesterday, next we’re modding a red wagon into a rocketship, and building satellites. Busy and exciting times.