RIP: A Remix Manifesto


I saw the film “RIP: A Remix Manifesto” by Brett Gaylor at this year’s Victoria Film Festival.  In the spirit of the film , I pirated parts of the film onto 16mm Black and White film with my bolex, then hand-processed, tinted and toned it, then composited it digitally. The soundtrack is an old jazz show, recorded from an old reel-to-reel and mangled on the computer. You can find the origuinal film here: – go watch it.

You’re welcome to remix the film yourself at



Back from Dawson City now, still trying to catch up on everything I left behind in April.
The “Experiment” workshop at MediaNet is starting this weekend, and I’m still trying to get everything ready. I think there are still a couple spots left in the workshop if anyone wants to take it. On another note, I’m off to Toronto in a month-and-a-bit to go to Phil Hoffman’s Film Farm. I’m giddy about the whole thing.

The Dawson City One-Minute Film Challenge went beautifully last weekend. We ended up with 25 films for the screening. A really great show and get-together, all sorts of little gems. Here is a film I made for it, called “boots.” Rozalind MacPhail made the music.

Klondike Highway

Been out of touch for a couple weeks, lots of things happening,

I’m in Dawson City right now, doing a residency at the Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture, and had a screening at the Dawson City Short Film Festival a couple weeks ago. I love it here. Fantastic people.

Performed with Rozalind MacPhail on the Sunday of the Festival, and now we’re getting ready for the Dawson-City-one-minute-film-challenge. We have more than a dozen films so far (a super-8 camera I brought from home did the rounds with a few visiting filmmakers, Deco Dawson, Terry Haines, Elisabeth Belliveau and Lisa Pasold.) Lisa is actually a writer – and was a little intimidated by the camera – but now she’s a filmmaker.

Here is a 16mm film diary of part  the trip from Whitehorse to Dawson in a van full of filmmakers. (Deco, Elisabeth, Lisa, John Overell and Natalie Edelson) I was a little nauseous by the end of the trip (from the bumpy road, not the company) Mmmm, Gravol. 

There’s a little more static in the air here and it’s impossible to keep the dust and hairs out of the projector. after 4 tries to transfer, I am now embracing the glitches, and calling the work  “Dawthentic”

Oh, and in past news, I was voted “Victoria’s Favourite Local Filmmaker” at this years M-Awards – thanks to everyone who voted.   And this years UVic Sunscreen Festival screened “Splash” and “House” and I took home “Best Director,” “Best Auditory Experience” and “Best Screenplay/story.”  I was in Dawson City and missed the screeening…after flubbing my way through the M-Awards, I was half-relieved. Crazy Month.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Dawson Films.


Another film made for this year’s “My Victoria.” Abstract 16mm black and white, tinted, toned and layered. The words were an afterthought, because the film had to have something to do with Victoria.

And I just started a twitter account. You can find it here:

inoculation loop

This is an abstract piece, shot on 16mm colour film, and transferred with an early-80’s telecine, that lags a little with the colour channels. I think it’s quite obvious what it actually is, but visually interesting nonetheless. A part of the journey. David Parfit made the soundtrack. You can find all sorts of his wonderful creations here:

primordial soup pt 4

Another piece of the seeming endless primordial soup reel. Very textural. The sound is a little obnoxious (I made it)

exploding olive

An abstract splattering of colours, made by dissolving layers of  the emulsion with chemicals. Music by Mike Wolske.

primordial soup pt 3

WARNING! – the sound is a little painful at times.

Another clip of Primordial Soup. The original runs somewhere around 20 minutes, so I’ve just been pulling out a minutes here and there for podcasts. Sitting through the 20 minute version would take some work (or a serious buzz) . A good soundtrack would help too.



Over the last few months, I had convinced myself that I was too busy with grad school to get any filmmaking done. And I believed it…until I started looking through my basement, and found all the little bits and pieces that I’d made and forgotten about. I’ll try to post them this week (a too-little-too-late attempt to catch up on the weekly? films of 2008.) Thanks to Mike Wolske for the music.


There’s something about duct-taping magnifying lenses to my camera that i really dig. maybe it’s the soft, dreamy edges that everything gets, maybe it’s how mysterious and different everything looks. This was a clip of colour 16mm that I slowed down, and was fortunate to have David Parfit create a great electro-acoustic soundtrack for it.