Memory Lapse

The newer pieces are still in the works. I was away in Vancouver and Whistler this week, collecting new footage, but had to bring the film back home for developing.
So, I’m putting up an older piece, called Memory Lapse. It won the “Best Short Fiction” award at the Lausanne Underground Film Fest, and screened at a bunch of different festivals. It also inspired an older video podcast that I did called “Other Peoples Memories,” that was clips of old 8mm home movies that I collect, strangers’ home movies. Michael Lee Macdonald did the animation, and Mike Wolske did the music. You can also find it on the MediaNet Video Podcast.

And, this week, we’re being featured on Miro, you can check it out here. It’s an Internet TV aggregator. There are more than 4000 different channels. Pretty cool stuff. And we’re listed at now too.

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slapped together a make-shift rotoscope in the bunker, thanks to Rick Raxlen (for the idea and guidance) and Irene Bindi, for the light table.

Rotoscoping is a 1920’s animation technique, created by Max Fleischer (according to Wikipedia) It was used in the original Star Wars Trilogy for the lightsabers, and a computerized version was used for Waking Life.

Here’s a little clip of my first encounter with the roto-beast, sloppy sloppy, but so much fun.

Scribbling with pencil crayons brought out the five-year-old in me.