mechanical garden

It is a flurry of format changes. It was shot on Super 8 in black and white and hand processed, then digitized, composited and coloured with final cut pro.
The sound is a whole other story. 
It starts with a new toy. Slim Sandy gave me an old reel to reel audio recorder last night. So me’n Dan sat around and made some noise with the deck and some reels of tape that were in my basement (a friend dropped them off one day, thinking they were 8mm film film reels.)
This soundtrack started as a radio transmission of the now-cancelled “Brave New Waves” program on CBC Radio 2, hosted by Patti Schmidt. It was (and still is) my favourite radio show, and helped shape my teenage years. It was recorded onto a cassette tape in the 90’s, recently digitized for my ipod touch, then piped through the old 1/4 inch reel to reel deck, warped and transferred to a digital recorder to be edited and chopped up on a computer….phew….


This is a video made from still images. I’ve been thinking about the idea that film can be experience and not just documentary or narrative, so this is an exercise to see if I could create an experience and place with only stills and sound. None of the stills are from the place I’m trying to create. It’s a little depressing and dark. sorry. Comments about it are welcome, I’m wondering if it’s working…What do you think it is about?

Memory Lapse

The newer pieces are still in the works. I was away in Vancouver and Whistler this week, collecting new footage, but had to bring the film back home for developing.
So, I’m putting up an older piece, called Memory Lapse. It won the “Best Short Fiction” award at the Lausanne Underground Film Fest, and screened at a bunch of different festivals. It also inspired an older video podcast that I did called “Other Peoples Memories,” that was clips of old 8mm home movies that I collect, strangers’ home movies. Michael Lee Macdonald did the animation, and Mike Wolske did the music. You can also find it on the MediaNet Video Podcast.

And, this week, we’re being featured on Miro, you can check it out here. It’s an Internet TV aggregator. There are more than 4000 different channels. Pretty cool stuff. And we’re listed at now too.

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Victoria Film Fest 2008

My film-a-week fell by the wayside this week, as the Victoria Film Festival is in full swing…but I have still been making films this week, they’re just different than what I’m used to doing.
It’s a Vlog that I’ve been doing for the Festival, just wandering around and getting into trouble. It’s been a great excuse to meet people and take part in the Island’s largest film festival.

You can find it here:

On another note, both Grass and Sometimes are playing at a couple more festivals. Grass was accepted to the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmaker’s $100 film Fest in March, and Both Grass and Sometimes were accepted to the Dawson City International Short Film Festival in March. I’m hoping to do some travelling…looks like I’ll need to hunt down some winter clothes….

2 months of madness

scratch production photo, vince lombardiwow.

Finally sent “Scratch” off to be transferred to Beta yesterday, after a few sleepless nights of tweaking and polishing. Scratch is the Bravo-funded short film I’ve been working on for the past few month, the biggest project I’ve done. I’ve been asked a number of times “What’s it about?” and, still, the only answer I have is “You’ll have to see it.” We shot it on 16mm and old expired super 8 film. it’s got line animation, scratch animation, and chemical manipulation. It’s got childhood trauma, gore, and crossdressing. What else can I say?
You can read an article about it here.
I had the pleasure of working with a great crew, am eternally indebted to all of them. On the left is a production photo from Vince Lombardi, That’s the cinematographer, Cyrus Block, and I’m looking through the camera.

Coming soon to a screen near you:
Both “Grass” and “Sometimes” will be screening on October 8th at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle as part of their Local Sightings – Experimental Methods Screening. Hopefully I can talk my way out of work for a couple days to make it down there.
Back in July, “Grass” screened at CineVic’s Infin8 screening, and just a few days ago, “Sometimes” was shortlisted for Best Short, and screened in Australia at the “First and Last Experimental Film Festival”

lily fawn, reel music symphonyA couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with the lovely and talented Miss Lily Fawn, filming a silent film for the Victoria Symphony’s Reel Music Show that happens in January. Four different composers will be chosen to write a score for the film (titled “Lily”) and four other composers will be scoring a short film by Anne Marie Fleming. The films will be screening in January with the compositions played by the Victoria Symphony. Exciting stuff. On the right is a still from the film, shot on B&W 16mm and hand-processed.

Met Gerald Saul this past weekend, he’s a filmmaker and professor at the University of Regina, who has made a tonne of great films, and shares my fascination with hand-processing and small-gauge home movies. Nice to know I’m not alone.

And, my two month hiatus from blogging started off with the “Dance for the Camera” Workshop at MediaNet. Intense ten hour days of tech support (and I didn’t even make a film.) Lots of great people, and some stellar works at the final screening.

My fingers are sore.


super 8 B&W GrassJust completed a short film on Super 8 – hand processed Black and White – this past week, and submitted it for consideration for CineVic’s Infin8 Film Screening in August.

I’ve been calling it an “exercise,” and not a film, because it was a learning process, and an exercise in using only film, and no fancy digital tricks. I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Our Victoria

B+W 16mmEverything is ready to go, on Thursday, February 1st, we’re taking over the Community Arts Council. 10 televisions. Or is it 11? It’s getting out of hand. 1000 feet of hand-processed film, 16 litres of exhausted chemicals. An 8 foot tall, 12 foot wide painting. Stand Back. Photographs. Our Victoria. An art show installation for the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival. Artists: Kelly Duncan, Blair Kennaley, Daniel Lombardi, Scott Amos, and other members of The Project Arts Community.

“Our Victoria” opens on Thursday February 1st from 7:30 to 9:30 pm
It’s up ‘til Feb 8th., noon to 5 weekdays, 1-4 on the weekend.
At the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria
G6-1001 Douglas St. Victoria. (map)


sometimes film 8mm oilyfilmsSometimes I make ultra short films.

This is one from the vault.

It’s 25 seconds long. One sentence. A thought. A confession, I guess. A tad cliche. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but here it is.

Thanks to Hank Pine and Lily Fawn for the musicbox soundtrack.

(Edit: – sorry kids, I had to break the link while it plays at some festivals. S.)