Phobacilloscope v2.0

An updated version of the Phobacilloscope, installed for the Off the Grid Art Crawl, with sound, and a bit of a different setup.

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Hardware/software used: Macbook Pro, digital projector, Modul8, Arduino, IR sensor.

Phobacilloscope v1.0

Phobacilloscope is a dual channel video, IR sensor microcontroller-based window installation. It asks the user to touch the window, and then scans their hand, turns on a camera and scans them for bacteria. It was was created by myself and David Parfit, and was installed at 1215 Blanshard St. for MediaNet’s Sense of Place event.

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A Sense of Place was a media-arts exhibition which took place on May 28, 2011, in a variety of locations throughout Victoria. Works by local film and video makers Janet Rogers, Grace Salez, Rick Raxlen, Scott Amos and Judith Price, incorporated talks, readings and performances, exploring cultural, historical and personal aspects of the city.

Thank you to the City of Victoria for making this exhibition possible. Thanks to Alan Walton and Giuseppe Buccoliero for documenting the work. Produced by Cat Lewis for MediaNet

Scene+Heard Scored

scene and heard scored

Once again, Puente Theatre and CineVic are putting together Scene + Heard. Come check it out this week at Metro Theatre, where films will be accompanying live storytellers. “Between,” a story by Rob Hunter with an interactive video by me, is being performed along with 5 other stories/films with new musical interludes by Oliver Swain. Fun times. Tickets $15.

Friday Feb 25, 8pm

Saturday, Feb 26th 2pm and 8pm

Sunday, Feb 27, 8pm

Kate Cino from interviewed some of us and wrote about the show on her website here. There is a pic from “Between” and a video of Ollie’s new music there. Go.


A couple months ago, I was asked to document an event. I did. And then I played with the footage and created this short video-doodle. Since the doodle misrepresents the event that the documentation was from, I won’t mention the name of the event here (although it is in the credits of the film) – Take that google spiders.


mechanical garden

It is a flurry of format changes. It was shot on Super 8 in black and white and hand processed, then digitized, composited and coloured with final cut pro.
The sound is a whole other story. 
It starts with a new toy. Slim Sandy gave me an old reel to reel audio recorder last night. So me’n Dan sat around and made some noise with the deck and some reels of tape that were in my basement (a friend dropped them off one day, thinking they were 8mm film film reels.)
This soundtrack started as a radio transmission of the now-cancelled “Brave New Waves” program on CBC Radio 2, hosted by Patti Schmidt. It was (and still is) my favourite radio show, and helped shape my teenage years. It was recorded onto a cassette tape in the 90’s, recently digitized for my ipod touch, then piped through the old 1/4 inch reel to reel deck, warped and transferred to a digital recorder to be edited and chopped up on a computer….phew….

rgb mind control (Caution: MAY CAUSE SEIZURES)


This started as an experiment with 16mm Black and white film. one frame of black, and one frame of white, alternating at 24 frames per second. When it’s switched to 30 frames per second to play in NTSC format, some interesting (and nauseating) things happen. Then I pushed it a little further and started to use red, blue, green, black and white frames. I guess this falls into the Structural Materialist category of experimental film. I find it fascinatingly abrasive.



This is a short film I made with the help of Daniel Lombardi for the Victoria Film Festival’s “My Victoria” Competition this year. I submitted it late, so didn’t end up in the competition part, but it was a good excuse to make a film, and to play around with some cut-out stop motion.

MeatDraw – Old World

This week’s film is  the video for MeatDraw’ s “Old World.”   We shot it at the beginning of September, with the donated time and talents of dozens of people. It is  one continuous shot, and travels from earth to space and back. Quite an ambitious undertaking, and very different than the films I normally make, but I’m pleased with the results.

Daniel Lombardi, the Art Director, filmed some “behind the scenes” footage…of how we choreographed and made it all happen and the 20+ people involved in the actual shooting. I’ll try to post it soon.

CBC Radio 3  did an interview with the band (hilarious!), and premiered the video this week on the R3TV podcast.

You can find the original post here (with links to subscribe in iTunes)

or you can watch the YouTube version here:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Or just the Old World video in Quicktime format here:

Unfortunately, like most  broadcasters, they chopped the credits off the end, so here they are in text format. This video would not have happened without the help of all these people. Thanks to all of you.


Chai Ross
Apple Matthews

– Marco Bozenich
– Stefan Bozenich
– Lily Fawn
– Marek Tyler
– Megan Boddy

Director: Scott Amos
Art Director: Daniel Lombardi
DOP: Daniel Hogg
Cinematography Consultant: Cyrus Block
Gaffer: D.W. Wilson
Stage Managers:
Gillian Reiss
Sarah-Jane Pelzer

Make-up: Erin Froese


Colin Hender
Mike Wolske
Talitha Cummins
Jeremy Lutter
Jamie Tanner
Darryl Tamney
Glen O’Neill
Kelsey Oetting

Kelly Duncan
Kristen Kilistoff
Darryl Tamney

Props/Sets Construction:
Daniel Lombardi
Scott Amos
Jim Vanderhorst
Adrienne Traviss
Jesse Ladret
Brendan Piper
Colin Hender
Minako Hender
Kristen Kilistoff
Paulina Ortlieb

Craft Services:
Connie Rock

Thanks to:
Open Space – Helen Marzoff, Dallas Duobaitis, Alan Kollins, Ross Angus Macaulay
Cook Street Do-it Center. MediaNet, CineVic, Michael Lee Macdonald, Steve Hender. Empress Painting, Marci Ross, Amber Matthews and Gumper.


ahhh. scribbling. mindless and meditative doodles. pencil crayons on paper. The soundtrack was made with a circuit-bent late-80’s Realistic keyboard. I took it apart, and poked around at it a bit, wired up a few extra things, and now it makes interesting painful noises, so I recorded it, then chopped up the sounds into something a little more organized and palatable.


Went to Mayne Island last weekend for a wedding, and filmed some things around the island with the bolex. As luck would have it, either the bolex was empty, or had the wrong kind of film in it whenever I stumbled into something I wanted to shoot. So I used my cellphone instead. really low rez, but it worked. Mike Wolske made the music.

And in other news, we finished shooting a new MeatDraw video for their song “Old World” last weekend. I still need to do some tweaking, but it should be finished soon, and posted online. In the next couple weeks – Upcoming Screenings – “Grass” is Playing in Australia at the FLEXIFF Festival, and  “Turbulence” and “Glimpse” are playing in Seattle at the NorthWest Film Forum. “Birds” is playing at the Portobello in England. Unfortunately I can’t go to see any of them, but maybe you can.