A couple months ago, I was asked to document an event. I did. And then I played with the footage and created this short video-doodle. Since the doodle misrepresents the event that the documentation was from, I won’t mention the name of the event here (although it is in the credits of the film) – Take that google spiders.


MeatDraw – Old World

This week’s film is  the video for MeatDraw’ s “Old World.”   We shot it at the beginning of September, with the donated time and talents of dozens of people. It is  one continuous shot, and travels from earth to space and back. Quite an ambitious undertaking, and very different than the films I normally make, but I’m pleased with the results.

Daniel Lombardi, the Art Director, filmed some “behind the scenes” footage…of how we choreographed and made it all happen and the 20+ people involved in the actual shooting. I’ll try to post it soon.

CBC Radio 3  did an interview with the band (hilarious!), and premiered the video this week on the R3TV podcast.

You can find the original post here (with links to subscribe in iTunes)

or you can watch the YouTube version here:

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Or just the Old World video in Quicktime format here:

Unfortunately, like most  broadcasters, they chopped the credits off the end, so here they are in text format. This video would not have happened without the help of all these people. Thanks to all of you.


Chai Ross
Apple Matthews

– Marco Bozenich
– Stefan Bozenich
– Lily Fawn
– Marek Tyler
– Megan Boddy

Director: Scott Amos
Art Director: Daniel Lombardi
DOP: Daniel Hogg
Cinematography Consultant: Cyrus Block
Gaffer: D.W. Wilson
Stage Managers:
Gillian Reiss
Sarah-Jane Pelzer

Make-up: Erin Froese


Colin Hender
Mike Wolske
Talitha Cummins
Jeremy Lutter
Jamie Tanner
Darryl Tamney
Glen O’Neill
Kelsey Oetting

Kelly Duncan
Kristen Kilistoff
Darryl Tamney

Props/Sets Construction:
Daniel Lombardi
Scott Amos
Jim Vanderhorst
Adrienne Traviss
Jesse Ladret
Brendan Piper
Colin Hender
Minako Hender
Kristen Kilistoff
Paulina Ortlieb

Craft Services:
Connie Rock

Thanks to:
Open Space – Helen Marzoff, Dallas Duobaitis, Alan Kollins, Ross Angus Macaulay
Cook Street Do-it Center. MediaNet, CineVic, Michael Lee Macdonald, Steve Hender. Empress Painting, Marci Ross, Amber Matthews and Gumper.

“Xanadu” by Hank Pine and Lily Fawn

Here it is folks. A new music video for Hank and Lily’s “Xanadu.” The song is from there newly-released album “North America.” Of course, it stars both Hank and Lily. I love this song!

They’re doing some touring this summer through Ontario and Alberta, and you can find the schedule on their MySpace page here. I could gush about how great Hank and Lily are, but instead I’ll just say – If you only see one show this summer, go see Hank and Lily. Seriously. Ask anyone who has ever seen the show; I wish I could describe it in words.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Here it is in action, the mechanical set that I built in the basement…too bad it’s only for a little bit of screen time, I’ll have to use it again for another film.

I Am Fine

This started as an old educational film called “I am Joe’s Spine.” And then I wrecked it a bunch. I buried myself in my basement lab, and listened continuously to the new Run Chico Run CD that I got. It’s called “Rocket Surgery” and it’s fantastic. Thankfully, the band has let me use a snippit of their song “Slow” to accompany the film, so you can hear how cool it is yourself. Their myspace is here, and their website is here, but I have no idea where to buy the album. I got it at their show…it’s on green vinyl too! Did you hear that?


“I Am Fine” was made by scratching at the old film, with a bit of chemical manipulation, and then some compositing and digital effects on the ol’ computer. I’m hoping the Chicos’ll let me make them a music video over the summer. we’ll see.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

and, like I promised, here is the Quicktime version.


This is a little experiment I did, making inkblots with clear acrylic and india ink. I pressed as many copies as I could, then took photographs of them, and lined them up, overlayed and composited them. I threw a little motion blur on them too, to smooth out everything. Some interesting textures.
Part 13 of the 2008 film-a-week project. Film by Scott Amos, music by Mike Wolske (altered by Scott Amos)

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

And a higher quality Quicktime

2 months of madness

scratch production photo, vince lombardiwow.

Finally sent “Scratch” off to be transferred to Beta yesterday, after a few sleepless nights of tweaking and polishing. Scratch is the Bravo-funded short film I’ve been working on for the past few month, the biggest project I’ve done. I’ve been asked a number of times “What’s it about?” and, still, the only answer I have is “You’ll have to see it.” We shot it on 16mm and old expired super 8 film. it’s got line animation, scratch animation, and chemical manipulation. It’s got childhood trauma, gore, and crossdressing. What else can I say?
You can read an article about it here.
I had the pleasure of working with a great crew, am eternally indebted to all of them. On the left is a production photo from Vince Lombardi, That’s the cinematographer, Cyrus Block, and I’m looking through the camera.

Coming soon to a screen near you:
Both “Grass” and “Sometimes” will be screening on October 8th at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle as part of their Local Sightings – Experimental Methods Screening. Hopefully I can talk my way out of work for a couple days to make it down there.
Back in July, “Grass” screened at CineVic’s Infin8 screening, and just a few days ago, “Sometimes” was shortlisted for Best Short, and screened in Australia at the “First and Last Experimental Film Festival”

lily fawn, reel music symphonyA couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with the lovely and talented Miss Lily Fawn, filming a silent film for the Victoria Symphony’s Reel Music Show that happens in January. Four different composers will be chosen to write a score for the film (titled “Lily”) and four other composers will be scoring a short film by Anne Marie Fleming. The films will be screening in January with the compositions played by the Victoria Symphony. Exciting stuff. On the right is a still from the film, shot on B&W 16mm and hand-processed.

Met Gerald Saul this past weekend, he’s a filmmaker and professor at the University of Regina, who has made a tonne of great films, and shares my fascination with hand-processing and small-gauge home movies. Nice to know I’m not alone.

And, my two month hiatus from blogging started off with the “Dance for the Camera” Workshop at MediaNet. Intense ten hour days of tech support (and I didn’t even make a film.) Lots of great people, and some stellar works at the final screening.

My fingers are sore.

MeatDraw Show

meatDon’t miss it. Tomorrow night, 10pm at the Project Arts Space on Fisgard, limited tickets, so get there early. 10 bucks, and worth every penny. If you’ve never seen MeatDraw perform before, you’ve missed out on one of the greatest shows in town.

I’m dragging nine televisions down for the show, and found this really great Hormel promotional Video from the 60’s to work with. delicious.


some news

16mm Well, It has been a while since I’ve blogged anything on here, I’d like to think it’s because I’m busier doing things than talking about doing things, but I’m not sure if that’s the truth.

A lot of things are in the works, and I just don’t want to jinx anything by letting it out onto the immerweb. But I can say a few things: Winky is continuing it’s life and is being screened outside Los Angeles at The Visual Underground, also it’s hitting a satellite station called Local Point TV in Washington DC in the near future. Sometimes and Vicsnowia are screening as part of MediaNet’s “edges” festival on the 5th and 8th of April in Victoria at Metro Studios. Hank and Lily’s Video will be done soon (finally) and there are some other music videos in the works for other musicians…but until it’s solidified, I will say no more….