Went on a trip to Toronto in June, to spend a week at Phil Hoffman’s Film Farm. What an inspiring place. Came back to Vic with a new fascination with 16mm, learned how to turn a Steenbeck into a contact printer (Thanks to Josh Bonnetta), and how to double and triple-expose. lots of little tinting and toning tricks. Started shooting on high contrast sound stock, it’s got a really low ISO, but with enough light, it looks great.

Collected some footage and skills for my thesis (yup, still working on it, just slowly) and snooped around the Toronto indie film community.

This is one of my experiments, double exposed and printed through the Steenbeck.

4 thoughts on “Bridge

  1. Hi Brynn,
    Yes, I do them myself. I project it onto frosted mylar and film it with a Sony Z1U with the shutter slowed down.
    Here’s the trick (I think) – My projector is really old, and has pitch control. So I slow down the projector to run at about 15fps, which seems to translate fairly clearly to the 29.97fps of video.
    There you have it. my secret is out.

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