Phobacilloscope v1.0

Phobacilloscope is a dual channel video, IR sensor microcontroller-based window installation. It asks the user to touch the window, and then scans their hand, turns on a camera and scans them for bacteria. It was was created by myself and David Parfit, and was installed at 1215 Blanshard St. for MediaNet’s Sense of Place event.

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A Sense of Place was a media-arts exhibition which took place on May 28, 2011, in a variety of locations throughout Victoria. Works by local film and video makers Janet Rogers, Grace Salez, Rick Raxlen, Scott AmosĀ and Judith Price, incorporated talks, readings and performances, exploring cultural, historical and personal aspects of the city.

Thank you to the City of Victoria for making this exhibition possible. Thanks to Alan Walton and Giuseppe Buccoliero for documenting the work. Produced by Cat Lewis for MediaNet

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