My New Eyes

bolex 16mm cameraThese are my new eyes.

It’s a 16mm Bolex camera, a classic, before the reflex lens. It still runs.
Thanks to the wonderful people at the Visual Arts Development Awards (VADA), I get to teach myself how to shoot and develop 16mm Black and White film. bolex 16mm

The first roll is shot, and after a few hours in the basement darkroom with toxic fumes, a tonne of (quasi-calculated) guess-work, and some help from Kelly, I finally pulled some pictures out of it (and a mild sensory-deprivation buzz.) woohoo!

Turns out I don’t know how to use a manual camera very well, The focus and exposures are all over the place. I’ve been spoiled with the auto-everything of the digital world. Time to learn some things.

One thought on “My New Eyes

  1. you fu**er… I’m in china and I was showing a friend some of your work, he’s the art teacher at the school, and I wanted to show him winky and memory lapse (my name) and I can’t because I can’t get on zed candid or whatever from china and of course memory lapse is critcally acclaimed and showing all over the world oh your so important. Take care of yourself buddy you do amazing work, everyone I show it to agrees, keep it up and keep it real. By the way say high to the girls for me and that includes mik mac.

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