Atagamaton (A-tag-a-ma-ton)

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Atagamaton is a gesture controlled kinetic sculpture and musical instrument built from repurposed analog sound and film equipment, augmented with solenoids, pot- sliders, servos, motors, LEDs, and a microcontroller. Users’ hands are tracked by an X-Box Kinect, and trigger different quantized sounds and motions. Simple positional data triggers the different segments of the kinetic sculpture, but hidden functionality can be found within the z-axis of certain segments, so that users will be rewarded for exploring the sculpture and finding the hidden functions.

Created by Scott Amos and David Parfit in collaboration with Limbic Media. Installed in the G++ Gallery, Victoria, BC. Project made possible by BC FIlm + Media  and the BC Arts Council.

Thanks to Cassie O’Neil ( for the video, and to Manj, Justin, Paul and Nat at Limbic Media for their brilliance.

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  1. Luke:

    This is crazy amazing!

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