Yesterday, our Short film “Winky” was picked up by Atom Films

winky goldfish in a whiskey bottleA hitchhiker gets a literal and metaphysical lift from a man and his whiskey-loving goldfish.

You never know where you’ll end up on a hitchhiking adventure. That’s what our hero finds out when a stranger picks him up and takes him for a life-changing ride. Art rock aficionados will dig Michael Wolske’s Repo Man-ish soundtrack.

You can watch it here. Just a heads-up, sometimes you’ll have to watch a commercial first. Please be patient, it’s how they pay the filmmakers.

One thought on “Winky

  1. hey mr. oily,
    i just watched this film again for the first time in over a year. That time it played here in the gallery, i watched it so many times that i knew all the words. nice to see that it’s still alive…

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