Victoria Film Festival 2008 – Window Loop

Week 2 of the Film-a-Week project:

This is a loop I made this week for the Victoria Film Festival’s Pre-Fest Bash. It is made from an old 16mm educational film, altered with chemicals and hand-painted frame-by-frame. Paul Wilson designed the logo, and I put some of Mike Wolske’s music on the web version. Did a little digital colour adjustment to keep with the festival’s pink colour scheme too.
Hopefully the YouTube video compression won’t mangle it too badly, but you’ll get the idea. Inspired by Brakhage (of course.)

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Heading out to Nanaimo next weekend for the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival, where both Grass and Sometimes are playing along with 19 other island-made films. Should be fun.

2 thoughts on “Victoria Film Festival 2008 – Window Loop

  1. Very nice. The compression makes it difficult to analyze formal technique. The film moves at slower than 24fps and images seem tp blend into each other; was it shot off of a flatbed, running slow and with the rotating prism creating the blends, or was it simply slowed with the computer and the blending is a result of either further digital manipulation or an illusion caused by the high degree of compression for the site?

  2. Thanks.
    it was projected at a screen and shot with a Z1U, then slowed down with FCP and motion blur. It’s all I’ve got to work with. I wish I had a flatbed to play with, there’s not even an accessible optical printer on this island. Even if there was, I wonder if they’d let me run my film through it; with the amount of gunk I scrape out of the projector after playing it, I doubt it.

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