tints and tones

This is an experiment I found a couple days ago, some tests I did with tints and tones a while ago. I’m calling it tintonetest, for a lack of something more meaningful. It was masked with paint markers, then toned with Berg’s tones and then the paint mask was removed. other parts were double-toned which created a posterizing effect (because I used hardening fixer, I believe.)


And, another random clip I found, floating around the server. Not sure I remember making it, but here it is, so I must’ve. It a test of tints and tones, and posterizing. I believe it’s the hardener in the fix that is changing how the tones react with the emulsion. This is slowed down a bunch, digitally. And I should really give a thanks to Hank and Lily, who let me mangle their beautiful song – it’s from their album called North America, and completely unrecognizable in this clip.


I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that I keep finding little films all over the place. This one was on my server, ready to be podcast, but somehow slipped through the cracks for a few months. I made it in Dawson City in the spring for part of their One-Minute Film Challenge. Rozalind MacPhail made the soundtrack. It was shot on 16mm film. In you’re in Victoria next weekend, check out CineVic’s Sweet 16 Film Celebration, November 6th, 7th and 8th. Deco Dawson will be visiting and giving an artist’s talk, and a film I made last year, called “Alone” will be screening on 16mm.


steenbeck ST928

This is my new Steenbeck (it’s on loan)

I cleaned it up a bit, replaced the bulbs, and rigged up the sockets to work better (only one preview window was working when I got it, now both are) The sound didn’t work anymore, so…..

after nerding out a bit and fixing the optical sound (even had to solder some circuitboards) – got it worked out to make contact prints. Getting to know the Steenbeck has been fun, definitely a lot of film wrecked, but worth every foot.

Very excited about the ability to make prints. Working on putting a film loop gallery together with Peter Sandmark. I haven’t given up on digital yet, but I’m straying.


Another film made for this year’s “My Victoria.” Abstract 16mm black and white, tinted, toned and layered. The words were an afterthought, because the film had to have something to do with Victoria.

And I just started a twitter account. You can find it here: http://twitter.com/oilyfilms

inoculation loop

This is an abstract piece, shot on 16mm colour film, and transferred with an early-80’s telecine, that lags a little with the colour channels. I think it’s quite obvious what it actually is, but visually interesting nonetheless. A part of the journey. David Parfit made the soundtrack. You can find all sorts of his wonderful creations here: www.davidparfit.com

primordial soup pt 4

Another piece of the seeming endless primordial soup reel. Very textural. The sound is a little obnoxious (I made it)

exploding olive

An abstract splattering of colours, made by dissolving layers of  the emulsion with chemicals. Music by Mike Wolske.


It was on old 16mm educational film, until I doused it in bleach, and spraypainted it. Now it’s something else.
Here’s the trick – if you freeze the spraypaint can, it sprays slow and clumpy, instead of misty. Vince Lombardi cut it and Mike Wolske did the music.

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