mechanical garden

It is a flurry of format changes. It was shot on Super 8 in black and white and hand processed, then digitized, composited and coloured with final cut pro.
The sound is a whole other story. 
It starts with a new toy. Slim Sandy gave me an old reel to reel audio recorder last night. So me’n Dan sat around and made some noise with the deck and some reels of tape that were in my basement (a friend dropped them off one day, thinking they were 8mm film film reels.)
This soundtrack started as a radio transmission of the now-cancelled “Brave New Waves” program on CBC Radio 2, hosted by Patti Schmidt. It was (and still is) my favourite radio show, and helped shape my teenage years. It was recorded onto a cassette tape in the 90’s, recently digitized for my ipod touch, then piped through the old 1/4 inch reel to reel deck, warped and transferred to a digital recorder to be edited and chopped up on a computer….phew….


Round number next in the film-a-week project.

This is some 16mm film that I found in my basement, that I had shot, but never processed. Now that I can look at it, although I shot it for no particular reason, it seems to have some meaning to it. It’s a little cliche, so I couldn’t bring myself to say it outright, but it’s there in the footage. It has to do with perception…or something like that. Perhaps the creepiest thing I’ve ever made. You were warned. Film by Scott Amos, Music by Mike Wolske.

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And over the next week, I’ve decided to repost all the past episodes in Quicktime format for a video podcast. I just can’t handle how bad YouTube mangles everything.

The Burning Hell

While in Dawson City, I managed to catch The Burning Hell at Diamond-Tooth Gerties, and they were nice enough to let me film them. Fun band. The song is called “The Second Cigarette” and is on their album “Happy Birthday.” I believe you can purchase it through weewerk records. The background was filmed on Sombrio Beach (it’s a campfire.) It was shot on black and white film, so I tinted it and composited it with the band footage.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

And here is a less-chunky Quicktime version