frantic blue farm (with a hair)

scene and heard

This weekend, check out CineVic and Puente Theatre’s Scene and Heard Redux at the Metro theatre, where films will be accompanying live storytelling. A film and story collaboration between myself and Rob Hunter will be screening on both Saturday and Sunday evenings, as well as films by Grace Salez, Maureen Bradley, Denver Jackson, Mark Borowski and Rachel Moore to accompany stories by Susu Ma, Jennifer Ferris, Raji Basi, Janice Valdez, and Paulina Grainger.

On an entirely separate note, this is a double-exposed toned film print that I was playing around with in the summer just after Phil Hoffman’s Film Farm. It was shot on High-contrast Kodak 3378E optical print stock and hand-processed.

tints and tones

This is an experiment I found a couple days ago, some tests I did with tints and tones a while ago. I’m calling it tintonetest, for a lack of something more meaningful. It was masked with paint markers, then toned with Berg’s tones and then the paint mask was removed. other parts were double-toned which created a posterizing effect (because I used hardening fixer, I believe.)


steenbeck ST928

This is my new Steenbeck (it’s on loan)

I cleaned it up a bit, replaced the bulbs, and rigged up the sockets to work better (only one preview window was working when I got it, now both are) The sound didn’t work anymore, so…..

after nerding out a bit and fixing the optical sound (even had to solder some circuitboards) – got it worked out to make contact prints. Getting to know the Steenbeck has been fun, definitely a lot of film wrecked, but worth every foot.

Very excited about the ability to make prints. Working on putting a film loop gallery together with Peter Sandmark. I haven’t given up on digital yet, but I’m straying.

mechanical garden

It is a flurry of format changes. It was shot on Super 8 in black and white and hand processed, then digitized, composited and coloured with final cut pro.
The sound is a whole other story. 
It starts with a new toy. Slim Sandy gave me an old reel to reel audio recorder last night. So me’n Dan sat around and made some noise with the deck and some reels of tape that were in my basement (a friend dropped them off one day, thinking they were 8mm film film reels.)
This soundtrack started as a radio transmission of the now-cancelled “Brave New Waves” program on CBC Radio 2, hosted by Patti Schmidt. It was (and still is) my favourite radio show, and helped shape my teenage years. It was recorded onto a cassette tape in the 90’s, recently digitized for my ipod touch, then piped through the old 1/4 inch reel to reel deck, warped and transferred to a digital recorder to be edited and chopped up on a computer….phew….


Back from Dawson City now, still trying to catch up on everything I left behind in April.
The “Experiment” workshop at MediaNet is starting this weekend, and I’m still trying to get everything ready. I think there are still a couple spots left in the workshop if anyone wants to take it. On another note, I’m off to Toronto in a month-and-a-bit to go to Phil Hoffman’s Film Farm. I’m giddy about the whole thing.

The Dawson City One-Minute Film Challenge went beautifully last weekend. We ended up with 25 films for the screening. A really great show and get-together, all sorts of little gems. Here is a film I made for it, called “boots.” Rozalind MacPhail made the music.

rgb mind control (Caution: MAY CAUSE SEIZURES)


This started as an experiment with 16mm Black and white film. one frame of black, and one frame of white, alternating at 24 frames per second. When it’s switched to 30 frames per second to play in NTSC format, some interesting (and nauseating) things happen. Then I pushed it a little further and started to use red, blue, green, black and white frames. I guess this falls into the Structural Materialist category of experimental film. I find it fascinatingly abrasive.



This is a video made from still images. I’ve been thinking about the idea that film can be experience and not just documentary or narrative, so this is an exercise to see if I could create an experience and place with only stills and sound. None of the stills are from the place I’m trying to create. It’s a little depressing and dark. sorry. Comments about it are welcome, I’m wondering if it’s working…What do you think it is about?

inoculation loop

This is an abstract piece, shot on 16mm colour film, and transferred with an early-80’s telecine, that lags a little with the colour channels. I think it’s quite obvious what it actually is, but visually interesting nonetheless. A part of the journey. David Parfit made the soundtrack. You can find all sorts of his wonderful creations here:

exploding olive

An abstract splattering of colours, made by dissolving layers of  the emulsion with chemicals. Music by Mike Wolske.

primordial soup pt 3

WARNING! – the sound is a little painful at times.

Another clip of Primordial Soup. The original runs somewhere around 20 minutes, so I’ve just been pulling out a minutes here and there for podcasts. Sitting through the 20 minute version would take some work (or a serious buzz) . A good soundtrack would help too.