frantic blue farm (with a hair)

scene and heard

This weekend, check out CineVic and Puente Theatre’s Scene and Heard Redux at the Metro theatre, where films will be accompanying live storytelling. A film and story collaboration between myself and Rob Hunter will be screening on both Saturday and Sunday evenings, as well as films by Grace Salez, Maureen Bradley, Denver Jackson, Mark Borowski and Rachel Moore to accompany stories by Susu Ma, Jennifer Ferris, Raji Basi, Janice Valdez, and Paulina Grainger.

On an entirely separate note, this is a double-exposed toned film print that I was playing around with in the summer just after Phil Hoffman’s Film Farm. It was shot on High-contrast Kodak 3378E optical print stock and hand-processed.


Back from Dawson City now, still trying to catch up on everything I left behind in April.
The “Experiment” workshop at MediaNet is starting this weekend, and I’m still trying to get everything ready. I think there are still a couple spots left in the workshop if anyone wants to take it. On another note, I’m off to Toronto in a month-and-a-bit to go to Phil Hoffman’s Film Farm. I’m giddy about the whole thing.

The Dawson City One-Minute Film Challenge went beautifully last weekend. We ended up with 25 films for the screening. A really great show and get-together, all sorts of little gems. Here is a film I made for it, called “boots.” Rozalind MacPhail made the music.


A fear and worry of mine. On celluloid. Shot on 16mm film and hand-processed. Initially created and screened on 16mm with live music performed by Rozalind MacPhail for MediaNet’s One-Minute Challenge. This is a digitized version with a re-recorded soundtrack.

*edit* – This film has been removed from from the podcast because of some upcoming public screenings. S>