I Am Fine

This started as an old educational film called “I am Joe’s Spine.” And then I wrecked it a bunch. I buried myself in my basement lab, and listened continuously to the new Run Chico Run CD that I got. It’s called “Rocket Surgery” and it’s fantastic. Thankfully, the band has let me use a snippit of their song “Slow” to accompany the film, so you can hear how cool it is yourself. Their myspace is here, and their website is here, but I have no idea where to buy the album. I got it at their show…it’s on green vinyl too! Did you hear that?


“I Am Fine” was made by scratching at the old film, with a bit of chemical manipulation, and then some compositing and digital effects on the ol’ computer. I’m hoping the Chicos’ll let me make them a music video over the summer. we’ll see.

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and, like I promised, here is the Quicktime version.


Round number next in the film-a-week project.

This is some 16mm film that I found in my basement, that I had shot, but never processed. Now that I can look at it, although I shot it for no particular reason, it seems to have some meaning to it. It’s a little cliche, so I couldn’t bring myself to say it outright, but it’s there in the footage. It has to do with perception…or something like that. Perhaps the creepiest thing I’ve ever made. You were warned. Film by Scott Amos, Music by Mike Wolske.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

And over the next week, I’ve decided to repost all the past episodes in Quicktime format for a video podcast. I just can’t handle how bad YouTube mangles everything.