There’s something about duct-taping magnifying lenses to my camera that i really dig. maybe it’s the soft, dreamy edges that everything gets, maybe it’s how mysterious and different everything looks. This was a clip of colour 16mm that I slowed down, and was fortunate to have David Parfit create a great electro-acoustic soundtrack for it.


Another installment of the film-a-week-project. Colour 16mm. Close-up lenses duct-taped to the camera. surreal textures. dreamscape.
Lots of other projects in the works, and back to UVic in a week. Seems like there aren’t enough hours. Doing a residency at CineVic right now, working on the Steenbeck to finish off a short film about D’Arcy Island sponsored by the NFB’s Filmmaker’s Assistance Program. Spent the last few days (and the next few also) gearing up for a MeatDraw video that will be shot next week. Four minutes. One continuous shot. From earth to space and back spanning over 3 days. Quite an endeavour, but fun problem-solving. We built the asteroids, clouds and stars yesterday, next we’re modding a red wagon into a rocketship, and building satellites. Busy and exciting times.