Went to Mayne Island last weekend for a wedding, and filmed some things around the island with the bolex. As luck would have it, either the bolex was empty, or had the wrong kind of film in it whenever I stumbled into something I wanted to shoot. So I used my cellphone instead. really low rez, but it worked. Mike Wolske made the music.

And in other news, we finished shooting a new MeatDraw video for their song “Old World” last weekend. I still need to do some tweaking, but it should be finished soon, and posted online. In the next couple weeks – Upcoming Screenings – “Grass” is Playing in Australia at the FLEXIFF Festival, and  “Turbulence” and “Glimpse” are playing in Seattle at the NorthWest Film Forum. “Birds” is playing at the Portobello in England. Unfortunately I can’t go to see any of them, but maybe you can.


This is a little experiment I did, making inkblots with clear acrylic and india ink. I pressed as many copies as I could, then took photographs of them, and lined them up, overlayed and composited them. I threw a little motion blur on them too, to smooth out everything. Some interesting textures.
Part 13 of the 2008 film-a-week project. Film by Scott Amos, music by Mike Wolske (altered by Scott Amos)

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And a higher quality Quicktime

The Burning Hell

While in Dawson City, I managed to catch The Burning Hell at Diamond-Tooth Gerties, and they were nice enough to let me film them. Fun band. The song is called “The Second Cigarette” and is on their album “Happy Birthday.” I believe you can purchase it through weewerk records. The background was filmed on Sombrio Beach (it’s a campfire.) It was shot on black and white film, so I tinted it and composited it with the band footage.

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And here is a less-chunky Quicktime version


I filmed this one on trip back from Dawson City. It was an Air North flight from Whitehorse to Vancouver. I filmed it on colour film and must’ve botched the processing…it’s all washy-looking. I was daydreaming on the plane.

There’s more footage from Dawson that I haven’t figured out what to do with. I’m sure it’ll sneak its way into a future short. I traveled up there for the Dawson City International Short Film Festival, as a visiting filmmaker and to speak on a panel about distribution. Stayed at Bombay Peggy’s. Awesome. Met a tonne of fantastic people. Braved the cold for an outdoor screening. Mastered the 10-minute-pint-between-screenings. I’m hoping to get back up there next year.

Before my trip, I was told that Dawson was one of those magical places; after being there, I’ll have to agree.

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Moon Over Sombrio

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube videoHere it is – moon over sombrio – exercise #4 of 2008. It was shot on 16mm Black and White film on Sombrio Beach. I spent this afternoon in the basement, toning it with yellow, brown and blue, and am quite pleased with the results. It’s a little slow, but I find it mesmerizing. There were no digital tricks – this is what the actual film looks like (well, I inverted it with the computer, because I shot it on neg film, and slowed it down a bit) – but all of the detail and texture and colour is on the film itself. I’m thinking about sending it to the lab to get an actual print made….we’ll see… Thanks to Mike Wolske for the music.

lily fawn, victoria symphonyIt has been an exciting weekend. I spent Saturday at the Victoria Symphony for their Reel Music performance…It was incredible; I’m still glowing from the experience. Four incredible scores by Peter Mundinger, Marc Baril, Dino Giancola and Gilles Bellemare, set to the short film “Lily”. I’m honoured to have such talented people composing for my work. And the orchestra was stellar. Top notch. Here’s a pic I snuck at the show – I hope that it doesn’t upset anyone – I really wanted some video, but that wasn’t going to happen.

Tobin Stokes, the composer in residence at the symphony was a great host and all-around super guy, and I finally got to meet Ann Marie Flemming, a fellow British Columbian Filmmaker, whose short film “Running” was also screening with 4 different composed scores. Fun stuff.
And now it’s time to get ready for the Victoria Film Festival that’s starting this on February 1st. Woohoo!

And here’s a better quality downloadable quicktime version of Moon over Sombrio:


Week 3 of the Film-a-Week Project.

This is a short film excercise called “Tomorrow.” It’s 24 seconds long, and was filmed on a low-end Sony miniDV camera, using the slow-shutter in a dark room. It started as an experiment with the trails of a cigarette heater captured using slow shutter, and I tried my best to spell out letters, but it just wouldn’t turn out how I wanted. The flashes and abstract lines were just distracting, so I re-filmed it with writing on the cigarette and kept it simple…There’s nothing thing new to say about smoking, but I tried…Mike Wolske and Darryl Tamney made the original music, and I tweaked it a little.

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Got back from the Vancouver Island short Film Festival yesterday, great screening and met a couple Island filmmakers, include Paul Whittington, who makes incredible animations which you can find here: www.carrotkid.com – check out “L19 Disposed.”
Getting ready to go to the Victoria Symphony this weekend for their “Reel Music” Screening, where Lily will be playing. I’m excited to see what the composers came up with, and thrilled that the Victoria Symphony will be paying 4 live scores to my film. Wow, what an honour.

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super 8 B&W GrassJust completed a short film on Super 8 – hand processed Black and White – this past week, and submitted it for consideration for CineVic’s Infin8 Film Screening in August.

I’ve been calling it an “exercise,” and not a film, because it was a learning process, and an exercise in using only film, and no fancy digital tricks. I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


I’m feeling the pain of being a sell-out. I licensed the short film Winky to AtomFilms earlier ths year, and flew by the site to check it out last week. Before the film, they always play a commercial, to help pay the filmmakers. Last week, in the regular rotation of the commercials, there was a US Army recruitment advertisement. yikes.
I feel ill.