steenbeck ST928

This is my new Steenbeck (it’s on loan)

I cleaned it up a bit, replaced the bulbs, and rigged up the sockets to work better (only one preview window was working when I got it, now both are) The sound didn’t work anymore, so…..

after nerding out a bit and fixing the optical sound (even had to solder some circuitboards) – got it worked out to make contact prints. Getting to know the Steenbeck has been fun, definitely a lot of film wrecked, but worth every foot.

Very excited about the ability to make prints. Working on putting a film loop gallery together with Peter Sandmark. I haven’t given up on digital yet, but I’m straying.

primordial soup pt 3

WARNING! – the sound is a little painful at times.

Another clip of Primordial Soup. The original runs somewhere around 20 minutes, so I’ve just been pulling out a minutes here and there for podcasts. Sitting through the 20 minute version would take some work (or a serious buzz) . A good soundtrack would help too.